Amazon Gift Guide for Nurses

As a nurse myself, I know that the best gifts typically involve self-care! Since nurses are often taking care of others during their shifts, it’s only right that they are reminded to take care of themselves as well! In this post, I compiled a list of 12 gift ideas that are perfect for nurses. Most of the gifts are related to self-care, rather than the typical outwardly nurse gifts (such as stethoscope jewelry or crewnecks that say nurse). Everything below can be found on Amazon and is linked. I hope that you can find something in this Amazon Gift Guide for nurses for the nurse in your life!

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Amazon Gift Guide for Nurses

1. Nuface Mini

With the Nuface mini, you can feel like you’re getting a facial every day. This device uses microcurrent technology to help tone the face and minimize the appearance of fine lines. It gives you an instant lift by stimulating the muscles in the face and neck. It’s the perfect gift for nurses for several reasons.

  1. It’s a great addition to any self-care routine (which is needed after stressful or long shifts!).
  2. Nurses are often dealing with stress, night shifts, and long hours which can take a toll on their skin.
  3. Nurses are always on the go and this gift is portable and easy to use.

I love my Nuface Mini and think it would be a great gift for other nurses as well.

2. Simple Modern Tumbler

It can be hard to remember to drink water during a busy shift. This water tumbler can make drinking water 10x better. It’s designed after the popular Stanley tumblers, but this one doesn’t leak. It still has all the best features such as a handle, being able to fit in a cup holder, and double-walled insulation that keeps drinks cold for hours. Plus, it comes in tons of colors and is available on Amazon.

3. Figs Catarina Scrub Top and Zamora High Waisted Bottoms

Figs have some of the best scrubs! You can see my full review here. If you are looking to treat a nurse to a new pair of scrubs, I highly recommend this brand. They are comfortable, soft, and come in lots of fun colors. They have their standard colors on Amazon. For a complete list of colors, check out their website.

4. Hoka One One Sneakers

The Hoka sneakers are some of the best sneakers for long shifts on your feet. They are comfortable, supportive, and come in lots of fun colors. There are several different styles of the Hokas. The most popular are the Bondi and Cliftons. You can’t go wrong with a pair of Hokas! They are a bit of a splurge, but totally worth it.

5. OSEA Bodycare Set

Another self-care-related gift idea is the OSEA body care set. OSEA has high-quality, organic, and natural ingredients. The body care set contains the Undaria Algae Body Oil, Salts of the Earth Body Scrub, Undaria Algae Body Budder, and the Anti-Aging Body Balm. These products will leave anyone’s body feeling hydrated and soft. It’s a great gift set for the nurse who loves self-care.

6. Kindle Paperwhite

For the nurse who likes to decompress after her shift, the Kindle Paperwhite is the perfect gift! The Kindle is a great gift for anyone who is an avid reader. You can read my full review here. To sum it up, the Kindle is lightweight, doesn’t have a glare, can hold plenty of books, is backlit, and is just a great device to read!

7. Ello Glass Meal Prep Containers

For the nurse who loves to prioritize their health, or hit the gym, meal prep containers are the perfect gift! These glass meal-prepping containers make Sunday meal prep easy. They come with 5 containers which will work for both inpatient and outpatient nursing schedules.

8. Coffee Thermos

Long, early, or late night shifts call for lots of caffeine. Being able to take your coffee on the go will help save money. This coffee thermos is both cute and practical. It will keep their coffee warm while they are taking care of patients so they don’t crash before the end of their shift.

9. Kitsch Satin Sleep Set

Is anything better than getting an amazing night of sleep after a long shift? This satin sleep set comes with a pillowcase, eye mask, and scrunchie. Satin pillowcases create less friction on your hair which helps prevent frizz and breakage while you sleep. The pillow and sleep mask will also help protect your eyelashes and your skin! It’s a great gift for nurses who may be trying to sleep during the day or are just trying to make the most of their sleep in general.

10. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

Nurses wash their hands tens or hundreds of times on a shift. Your hands can become very dry and cracked. The First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream is a lifesaver! This cream is a fast-absorbing cream for both face and body that provides instant relief and long-term hydration for dry, distressed skin and eczema with no greasy after-feel. It is great for all skin types, even sensitive. This cream is a game-changer and would make the perfect gift (or addition to a gift) for any nurse.

11. Marc Jacobs Medium Tote Bag

This tote bag is perfect for any nurse to bring to work. It’s a great size to fit all the essentials such as their meal prep, stethoscope, water bottle, etc. Overall this bag is cute, functional, and a great quality bag. It does come in different sizes and colors so that it can be easily fit for anyone’s style or need.

12. The Five Minute Journal

The Five Minute Journal is a journal that is meant to help guide you through reflection, gratitude, and self-reflection. Each page has a prompt that is geared to promote confidence and positive manifestation. The pages take at least five minutes to complete. The journal has enough pages that it would take 6 months to complete if doing one page a day. Nursing is a job that can take a mental toll on you. This journal can help combat some of the burden and can be a healthy outlet for when feeling stressed.

Amazon Gift Guide for Nurses


I hope you were able to find some gift ideas for someone in your life with this Amazon gift guide for nurses These 12 ideas are a good start if you are looking for a gift on Amazon. If you are looking elsewhere for gifts, Etsy is another great spot to look for homemade, personalized, or custom gifts for nurses. I would love to know if you have more ideas below. Feel free to leave a comment or let me know if you found something to gift someone from this list!

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