What to Expect from Me in 2021

Hello you guys!

Hope everyone is having a great 2021 so far! This is actually my first post of 2021, even though we are three weeks in, because I’ve been thinking a lot. I’ve asked myself, what is it that I want someone to take away after leaving my blog (or even my Instagram)? Which content am I passionate about creating? What do I love to inspire others to do? Questions that are helping me get a deeper feel for what I want to be known for.

I feel like these last two years of blogging my content has somewhat evolved. I started off posting a little bit about everything, and I still continue to do that. However, it still feels so broad! I have been wanting to niche down for a while because I want you all to know what to expect when you come to my space! Not to mention that some content performs better than others so I know what the majority of you prefer in terms of my posts.

What to Expect from Me in 2021

PNW Lifestyle

I thought it was only fair to let you, as my audience, know what’s going to be changing and what’s going to be the same. In 2021 I really want to grow this blog into something cohesive and multifaceted. I also want to connect more through social media.

Anyway, here are a couple of bullets as to what you can expect from me this upcoming year!

  • Consistency. This is actually the longest break I’ve taken in months, but I felt like it was important to think about what I wanted to add more of into the world. I think it was worth it. From here on out, I will be posting once a week, on Sunday at 9 am PST. At least, for the next couple of months.
  • Niched-down content in my posts, photos, and messages. I am explaining more on this below (as it’s probably the biggest thing I’m trying to work on).
  • A new website! I started this website layout with only $40 and I think it turned out pretty good. However, I feel like I’m outgrowing it. I plan on either flipping it and going through it to heavily update it or buying a new theme. I haven’t decided yet.
  • Possibly a podcast? I know, a podcast- from me?? As much as I love blogging, I feel like it’s harder to connect with solely a blog. I love the opportunity to try a new medium, connect with others who have a similar message, and just try something new with a podcast. I wouldn’t be switching platforms, but I feel that it would be more an extension of what I already have here.

What about the content?

The content is what I’m most excited about. These last two years I’ve posted about clean beauty, hiking, vegan food, DIYs, personal development, backpacking Europe, college, nursing school, sustainability, reading, and even MORE. Looking at that list, you can probably tell it’s so many topics. Some of those topics I’m still interested in but feel like they aren’t contributing to my overall message. I had previously just thought “I’m a lifestyle blog so I can write about whatever I want and I’m fine with that.” While I don’t think anything is wrong with that, I just don’t feel satisfied with my space here on the internet.

I decided that what I do want to put on this space is ‘Pacific Northwest Lifestyle’ specifically. Here are the three categories that I’m going to be posting about on here (and on my social media).

  1. PNW Businesses – I will share the places you can visit, eat, and shop at around Oregon and Washington.
  2. PNW Outdoors – I will share the places you can visit, hike, camp, and do other outdoor recreation in Oregon and Washington.
  3. The Culture of the PNW – I will share some of the things that I feel fits into the culture and lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest like clean beauty or sustainability.

The Message I’m Trying to Send

As you can tell about the “content categories” I created is that I already have posted (especially lately) posts in those categories. Just not exclusively. I’m just filtering out the other random topics that I’ve touched on once and then never again (like personal development). I also decided not to share my journey in nursing school. While I’ve posted a couple of times before and I’m only in my second quarter, I don’t feel like it is the kind of audience I am wanting to attract for the long run. I do still plan on sharing some of my nursing school-related content on Instagram stories if that is what interests you.

To sum it up, my purpose is to inspire others to visit or explore the Pacific Northwest. 

This doesn’t mean that if I visit, California (for example), that I’m not going to share anything about it because it’s not in the PNW. I likely will. I am just going to try to convey my message in 90% of my posts.

Thank you all for supporting me here! I’ve loved my “journey” (how do I make that sound less cheesy?) so far and I’m excited to be able to connect with a specific purpose.

I know that not all of you visit here for the purpose of content related to the PNW. That’s not even what my top post is about. However, I just feel like it isn’t sustainable for me to post about things I’m not passionate about all while confusing the community that I am wanting to attract. I understand if you no longer want to be a reader and I think that it is completely okay!

It’s a part of growing and evolving to change courses and I am excited for what’s to come this year! If you want to read some of my past posts that convey the message I am shooting for in 2021, you can check out one of the posts below! 🙂

Also, if you want you can check out some of the other bloggers that inspire me to take this direction!

I would love any feedback that you have to offer, my DMs on Instagram are always open, or feel free to comment below!



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    • maddiemdeer
      June 15, 2021 / 11:47 pm

      We’re 6 months into the year so I’m not sure if it’s going to happen!!! I guess summer is as good of a time as any though 🙂

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