12 Things: July Edition (A Life Update)


12 Things Life Update

It’s been awhile…. a loooonnnggg while! I haven’t posted since April, but the final few weeks of school are coming to a wrap. Luckily, that means my schedule will become more consistent and I will be posting every Tuesday at 9:30 am. I basically have a ton of posts I’ve batched during this time off. Even though I wasn’t posting, I was writing a TON.

I thought a great way to bounce back into blogging with a light 12 Things post! If you’re new to my corner of the internet, in 12 things I just post 12 (you guessed it) tid-bits of my life. Kind of like a life update. I posted one for February here and March here!

12 Things: July Edition

  1. My last final (for Spring quarter, at least) was June 17th! I unfortunately have to go back for one more quarter in fall before I apply to programs in January, but I am so glad to not have school this summer!
  2. Recently, Danny and I took a trip to Hood River. We tried to go cherry picking but didn’t realize the U-Pick farm opened the next day for a season. It was a fun trip and the town is just so cute!
  3. Lately, I’ve been on a DIY kick. Maybe it’s because I’ve been lacking a creative outlet without blogging the two months, but I piled up a ton of DIYs I have been wanting to do on my Pinterest board.
  4. Last weekend I started to mess with polymer clay. I’ve seen a ton of cute jewelry on Instagram, Etsy, and Pinterest with just polymer clay. I have also been wanting to make this essential oil bug repellent bracelet so I’ve started on the beads. I always love starting with new mediums!
  5. I basically feel like summer is the time for bubble tea, but unfortunately there aren’t many places near me. Aloe Vera bubble tea is my jam though and I’ve been going way out of my way to get some.
  6. When bubble tea is closed or I don’t feel like going to get it, I run over to the store and get the aloe juice with pulp. It’s my new favorite drink!
  7. It’s July and it is still POURING in the Pacific Northwest. We didn’t have a very rainy Spring, so I guess the weather is making up for it. It’s been an average of 60 degrees during the day, with thunderstorms each night.
  8. In fact, while writing this, my family is waiting out the rain so we can open up a garage sale for this weekend. We were supposed to open up at 9 but the rain won’t stop so the tables aren’t out yet.
  9. Currently, I’m working on a post where I try out POPSUGAR fitness videos on YouTube for an entire month. I’m only about a week in but so far, I’ve kept up with it. I am also loving the videos, so stay tuned to see how effective they are!
  10. So far this summer, I’ve been on a reading kick and have gone through about 2 a week. I traded in my podcasts while I am getting ready or cooking for audiobooks and then read before bed. If you haven’t read The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter and How to Make the Most of Them Now, what are you waiting for?! It resonated with me, and I wish I would have read it 2-3 years ago (even though I wasn’t quite yet into my twenties).
  11. I’ve discovered a few ‘haunted hotels’ and towns in my area (thanks, Ghost Adventures) and am trying to convince Danny to go stay in one with me. Likely, the Manresa Castle in Port Townsend because it’s one of my favorite cute little towns.
  12. Last weekend Danny and I went to Wunderland, which is an old nickel arcade. It’s update now with flashy screens of space invades, Jurassic Park, Transformers, and air hockey, but it still only costs a couple nickels to play. We had so much fun! We each got $5 but after 3 hours hadn’t even spent it all so were saving the rest for the next time. If you’re visiting Portland, it’s a must go-to.

That’s is for my 12 Things: June Edition!

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  1. Lexus
    July 9, 2019 / 4:56 pm

    I’ve missed your posts!
    I’m thinking we should learn how to make our own bubble tea, let’s ask Allissa to teach us!
    Also, come visit me in Port Ludlow and we can spend the day in Port Townsend or Poulsbo, I miss YOU!
    Are you selling anything good at your garage sale? I want first dibs! Love you!

    • maddiemdeer
      July 15, 2019 / 4:03 am

      Aw! I miss you too!

      Also, we should TOTALLY learn to make our own bubble tea. I was just telling this to Danny the other day. That stuff adds up!

      I’m not selling anything too good at the garage sale, but I will definitely come visit you soon! Let’s go to Port Townsend!!!

      Love you too! Now it’s your turn to start posting again! *wink, wink*

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