9 Studygrams to Motivate You to Study

Hello and welcome, or welcome back to my blog! This week I decided to make a *bonus* post and write a list of my favorite studygrams. I love following study-themed Instagrams because it motivates me to study and write better notes. Watching study Youtube channels also gives me some background to help me focus. I am horrible at taking breaks, so I especially love the channels that include times for the 50/10 study method to remind me to take a break.

Since the school season is quickly approaching, I hope you find a couple more studygrams to follow to motivate you to study and teach you better tips on how to study. If you are interested in more study-related content, check out my recent post on how I study which you can find here.

5 Studygrams to Motivate You to Study

1. @study_latte_

This instagram has the most adorable aesthetic and includes advice on study apps to download, study websites, note-taking methods, and all the like. This one is pretty popular with over 85k followers as of writing this post. She also has a Youtube with stationary hauls, bullet journal setups, and study with me vlogs. She is a great option if you are currently not following any studygrams and love a pastel aesthetic.

2. @Studywithara

This Instagram has the perfect neutral aesthetic. I love the variety in her posts and her vlog reels. She is currently in school and majoring in pharmacology and physiology. This studygrammer is another big one with 130k followers at the time of writing this post. Follow for study motivation, productivity tips, study methods, and wallpapers!

3. @Studyalix

Alix is a first year German and French student. She has a very natural and clean aesthetic currently, which I love. I also like that she posts study and lifestyle content, so there is a good variety in her posts. She has a smaller, but still large following, with over 35k followers as of this post. Follow if you’re looking for variety, chatty captions, and cute reels!


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4. @the.endless.study

This studygram has a warm aesthetic unlike the others. It’s perfect for you if you gravitate towards warmer tones. Her captions aren’t as tip-oriented or chatty. This account is a good studygram to follow if you’re straight to the point and just want pictures of study setups to help motivate you. She has over 34k followers as of writing this post, so this is another bigger studygram.

5. @_celi_studies

This is a smaller studygrammer with only 600 followers at the time of writing this post. She is currently a second-year psychology student. Although she just started her account, her dest set up is so cute and her home gives off all the plant-y vibes! Follow her to support smaller creators, for cute reels with aesthetic snippets, and all the plants!


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6. @Thewordygal

The wordygal is a smaller studygrammer with only 11k followers. She is a pre-nursing student and mainly posts pics of her workspace. I recommend following if you love funko pops and all the colorful things to write with. Her marker collection is insane!


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7. @StudieswJessica

Jess is studying media and globalization and is a larger studygrammer with over 44k followers. I like that has a lot of earthy tones and cute edits. She also posts a lot of tips relating to productivity, time management, and note-taking.


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8. @Janicestudies

This studygram is another one with an aesthetic of neutral colors. I love her style and the fonts that she uses. She mainly posts wallpapers, study motivation, and study tips. She is currently a nursing student and one of the bigger studygrammers with 121k followers! Even though she is a nursing student, I like that she doesn’t have the traditional nursing student studygram with a lot of A&P-related things (I have to see it enough in the textbook, so I don’t really want to see it on Instagram).

9. @Thenerdyproject

I love the variety in Audry’s posts! Shis is a bigger studygrammer with over 160k followers and I can see why. Sometimes it feels like studygrams just have the same post over and over again. She has a neutral warm aesthetic and posts tips on organization, productivity, and studying.

10. Merve

This last one isn’t an Instagram, but a Youtube. Merve has a Youtube channel where she does long study with me vlogs. You can choose whatever increment you need (starting at 1 hour and going all the way through 12 hours). Then she puts a timer on the screen for 50 minutes and takes a 10 minutes break before repeating. She has an aesthetic set up and the ASMR of her videos is the best for studying if you don’t want to listen to lo-fi or other music. The view out her window is also always amazing! You can find her channel here.

Some of my Favorite Desk and Study Things

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That is all for my list of studygrams, today! I hope you found at least a couple of new studygrammers to follow that match your aesthetic. I feel like they are helpful to motivate me to study during school, give me productivity tips, and also inspiration on how to set up my desk. Plus, they are just aesthetic! I feel like I study way better when I have good vibes wherever I am studying at.

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