YogaSix Review After Three Months of Classes

YogaSix is a boutique fitness studio with locations all across the United States. I originally started going to YogaSix to try Hot Yoga, but this studio also offers Yinyasa Yoga (Slow Flow), Restore, Yoga Sculpt, and Power classes. I began taking yoga classes at YogaSix one month ago, here are my honest thoughts and a YogaSix review after one month of classes!

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YogaSix Review After One Month of Classes

The Benefits of Yoga

So, why yoga? Yoga is a mind-body practice that can help improve your life. It has been around for thousands of years and combines physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation to improve physical and mental health.

There are so many benefits to implementing yoga into your life. First off there are the physical benefits of increased flexibility, improved strength, weight loss, improved sleep, and reduced pain. Additionally, there are mental benefits like reduced stress, improved mood, increased energy, and mindfulness.

Yoga is a great option for low-to-medium intensity workouts. There are lots of different types of yoga, so you can find a class to fit your needs or interests. Yoga is great for all ages and body types, and there is no high entry cost to beginning your practice. There are also lots of modifications if you have injuries or are just getting into yoga.

Tips for Getting Started with Yoga

  1. Wear comfortable clothing that you can move in. The rooms at YogaSix are warm, even if you are not in a hot yoga class. Wear whatever you are comfortable with. I find that most people wear yoga pants, leggings, shorts, tank tops, or sports bras to classes.
  2. Bring a yoga mat and a water bottle. You can also bring a yoga towel to put over your mat. If you don’t have a yoga mat or towel, you can rent one for $3 each at YogaSix studios. If you are looking for an affordable yoga mat, try TJ Maxx or Marshalls!
  3. Listen to your body and don’t push yourself too hard. Everyone starts their practice somewhere. Don’t compare yourself to others in the class or push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

Class Types

Y6 Slow Flow

The slow flow classes are yoga flows that are at a slower pace in a warm room. There is time to explore different postures and students are directed into each position. These classes are great if you haven’t previously taken yoga since you are guided into each pose.

Y6 Restore

In the restore classes, you hold each position for between 1- 5 minutes. The restore classes have a lot of stretching and are great for active recovery. Most of the postures are done on the floor in the restore classes. They help with mobility, recovery, and reduced aches and pain.

Y6 Hot

The hot yoga classes combine the yoga postures in a flow similar to the slow flow but at an increased pace and are done in a room from 80- 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat can help relax your muscles resulting in improved flexibility, and can help build muscle strength and endurance.

Y6 Power

The power classes implement weight training and cardio to build full body strength. This is one of the more challenging classes in terms of the intensity of the exercise.

Y6 Sculpt and Flow

The sculpt and flow classes blend together with yoga and weight training in the heated practice room. It begins with light yoga to warm up, and then some cardio. Bands, dumbbells, and body weight exercises challenge you during this class. Finally, the class wraps up with more yoga to stretch you out.

What I Liked About YogaSix

1. Class Variety

I liked that there were a variety of classes to try out. I really enjoyed the hot yoga, sculpt and flow, and restore classes the best. The class types at my location were offered at the same time each day, so it was easy to get into a weekly routine.

2. Friendly and Supportive Environment

I have so far had a good experience with the environment at my studio. It is a great way to meet new people. Depending on the class, some of the instructors will approach any new students and introduce themselves. The staff and also the others taking the classes are approachable and friendly. I like the environment more than when I tried Orange Theory because it seems less intense.

3. Group Workouts

It is more motivating for me personally to work out in group classes. I will push myself more and will actually show up to classes since I need to book the classes ahead of time and if I cancel within 8 hours there is a $10 late cancellation fee.

4. Sensory Experience

I really like the different lighting and music choices that are offered in classes. They are often fitting to the class type. It is also really nice that all the classes that are offered are in a warm room. It really makes for a sensory experience. At the end of each class, a cold eucalyptus towel is offered for your face, chest, stomach, etc. which feels like a little treat after working out in a warm room for an hour.

5. Affordable Price Points

I choose the unlimited plan which is $136/month ($79 your first month). If you go 3 times/week, it works out to be under $12/class. If you go 4 times/week, it works out to be $8.50/class. While it isn’t Planet Fitness pricing, it is pretty affordable as far as group classes at boutique studios go.

If you aren’t planning on centering all your workouts at the studio, there are other packages and subscriptions. For $79/month, you can go to 4 classes, or for $119 you can go to 8 classes/month. If you prefer to buy a package, a 10-pack costs $229. It does work out to cost more per class, but if you are just wanting to go every once in a while it can be a good investment.

6. It’s Easy to Book Classes

To book your classes, you just need to download the app or log in on the website. With one click you can book a class. Within 30 minutes of the start of class, you can do a virtual check-in. If you did want to cancel, there is a $10 fee if you cancel within 8 hours of the class unless it is an emergency, or $15 if you no-show the class.

What I Didn’t Like About YogaSix

1. Class Times are Limited

If you work an 8- 5 like I do, class times can be pretty limited. The first class of the day begins at 6:30 am, and the last class is at 7:00 pm on weekdays. My options on weekdays are really only the 5:30 pm class if I book it straight from work and get off on time, or the 7:00 pm class. On weekends, there are even more limited class options with only 3 class types. They did just expand the number of classes offered at my studio, so it could just be that my studio is newer so the options are more limited than other studios.

2. Classes Get Full

At my studio, there is room for 30 people in each class. I have found that most of the classes can get pretty full with the exception being the hot yoga class. Being taller, when a class is full, there is less room for me to stretch out to do the poses or exercises completely. The studio gets pretty crammed during full classes. I think that this wouldn’t be as much of a problem if more class times were offered, especially outside the standard work hours.

Overall Thoughts on YogaSix

Overall, I do really like YogaSix and the classes that are offered. I am going to continue going to classes for the next couple of months to really see results. I am sore after classes, and there are classes offered for both active rest days and to really make you sweat (Sculpt and Flow!!). It’s a great studio for all fitness levels, ages, and experience levels. After going for over a month now, I feel like I have fewer aches and pains at the end of a workday. I feel like it’s worth it to invest the time in your yoga practice to maintain mobility, increase flexibility, and improve strength.

That’s my completely honest YogaSix review after one month of classes. If you want to find a studio near you to try a class for free, you can visit the website here (not a referral code). I totally recommend it if you have been interested in trying any type of yoga class, or are looking for a new workout. If you do try a class, let me know what your thoughts are about it!

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