10 Ways to Get Back Your Motivation

How to get back your motivation

Motivation is so important! If you have goals that you’re wanting to achieve, then this is everything. Have you ever just went from being go-go-go to all of the sudden having no motivation? I’m talking about working towards achieving what you wanted and having that be your one and only focus to basically wanting to quit because your motivation basically disappeared into thin air? I’ve been there. I was just there before overcoming that slump. I got you though. From lacking inspiration and creativity to the patience to get where you want to be, here are some tips to get back your motivation when you’re in a slump!

10 Ways to Get Back Your Motivation:

1. Create your Vibe

It’s personally hard for me to focus and is easy for me to get overwhelmed when everything around me is a mess. Create your vibe! Relieve some of that stress and put yourself in the mood to get work done by taking an hour to clean and organize around you. After, light a candle that smells good (or plug in your Scentsy) and grab a cup of tea or coffee. Set the mood so that you want to be where you are and you are able to focus instead of stressing that the dishwasher needs to be unloaded or you want to grab a snack. Try to allow yourself just that hour to prepare your space and limit the distractions around you. This can end up turning into a procrastination method if you don’t.

2. Take a Break

It’s easy to lose motivation when feeling overwhelmed. Trying to do anything and everything without giving yourself a break is hard. Don’t do that to yourself! It might feel like you have no time but trust me, you are going to be much more productive if you take a break and come back ready to get in the zone rather than pushing through fatigue and exhaustion. Give yourself the break you can, whether that’s a weekend, a day, or an hour. Go do something for you and come back feeling refreshed and ready to take control! When you’re back, you might find that your inspiration and push to reach your goals has returned.

3. Take Care of Yourself

This is another trigger for stress and loss of motivation. Taking care of yourself is one of the most important things to do, in my opinion. Drink enough water, eat food that’s good for you, and get your daily movement and exercise in. Feel like you’re good enough! When you feel well in this aspect, you will accomplish more in other areas of your life. If you’re killing it in the gym, drinking water throughout the day, taking care of your mental health, and eating food that will make your body feel good and your mind energized, then focusing on work or school or your passion project is going to feel that much easier.

4. Take 5 Minutes to Focus or Meditate

It’s up to you as to what feels more beneficial. Maybe both. Sometimes we need to just take a bit to clear our minds and think about absolutely nothing and just meditate. Other times, it’s a matter of getting comfy, closing your eyes and thinking about everything you’ve accomplished thus far. Seriously!

Sometimes the motivation you need can be found by looking back on how far you’ve already come and how much further you’re wanting to go. For example, are you trying to stay motivated while losing weight? Think about that initial push and the weight you’ve lost already. Or think about how you tried your best to eat healthy the other day or how you went to the gym when you really didn’t feel like it but knew you should. Whether you’re on day two of your journey, month two or year two, there must be something you’re proud to have accomplished.

5. Read Self-Development Books

I love reading self-development books. Sometimes it just feels like you’re talking to a friend and they are giving you the ultimate pep talk about how far you’re able to go if you put in the work. These never fail to give me the motivation to push forward and keep bettering myself and my projects. They are so customizable too! You can find books about entrepreneurialism, health and wellness, relationships, general badass-ness. Find a book that fits with the goals you are trying to accomplish and dedicate time to read a chapter or so every night to learn new approaches to meet your goals.

6. Write Down Your Goals and Take Action!

Speaking of goals, do you know what yours are and how you’re going to accomplish them? You might somewhat know the direction you’re wanting to go in but taking the time to sit down and physically write them down can be eye-opening. Write a little blurb of how you’re going to really accomplish these goals and post them somewhere where you are going to actually see them. Give yourself a timeline and a way to measure your progress. This is your life and you only have one shot to accomplish the things you want to do. Even if your timeline consists of a to-do list on the things you’re trying to accomplish each day, visualizing what you need to do and physically crossing off what you have done is such a motivation (and ego) booster!

If you’re not sure where to star, I have a goal setting workbook that you can find out about at the bottom of this post! I will also link it here.

7. Schedule Time

When you’ve lost motivation, sometimes it’s hard to want to put time towards your goals. For example, if your goal is to write a book, it’s easy to just spend all your free time and hours just writing. That’s good! Take advantage of that motivation! But when your motivation begins to falter, don’t just completely stop writing. Push yourself and schedule a set amount of time to do what you need to do. A time when you don’t have anything else to do so that you can’t make excuses. Write for 30 minutes or an hour, and don’t critique yourself, just do it to maintain the habit and hold your place for when that motivation comes back. You don’t feel motivated at the gym? Don’t just stop going.

Maintain that habit and set your specific time to go every day and keep pushing yourself to get it done even if you don’t want to do it. You’ll thank yourself later!

8. Look at the Bigger Picture

Know that your loss of motivation is temporary, and you will find it again. Make efforts to keep on pushing yourself! Look at the bigger picture and remember why you are doing what you’re doing! Are you working overtime because you need the money or are trying to get a promotion? Don’t dwell on the now if you feel like you can’t do this anymore. Visualize how you are going to feel in the future and why you’re doing what you’re doing. Just keep reminding yourself that this feeling is just temporary.

9. Find Your Inspiration

Look up to others who have accomplished what you’re trying to accomplish. They went through the same struggles, stresses, and loss of motivation at times too. They overcame their obstacles, and you can overcome yours too. Find these inspirations and use them as mentors to persevere through the struggles you’re facing. Ask them for advice or help. People want to help each other! We want to connect with one and another and we want to be examples for others and use others as an example for the success we desire! Finding your inspiration may be the push you need to regain your motivation.

10. Remember Everyone is on Their Own Path

Finally, remember to focus on you and not what you think others are thinking of you. Most of the time, people are really just focusing on themselves and now what you’re doing (although it may feel like all eyes are on you at times). You’re doing this for you, right? Is the competition real or in your head? Are the milestones you think you should have accomplished just rules society has created or you’ve created in your head? It’s okay not to graduate by 22 if you go to college. It’s okay not to get married at 25 or buy a house at 30. These are all arbitrary expectations.

You may feel like these expectations have been made for you and you need to accomplish them on a timeline, but you should remember that it’s your life. The destination is not always the most important part of your path, right? The journey takes up a lot of time and energy and it’s just as important as the destination. This is where all the growth occurs and although your progress may not always be linear, you’re still making steps forwards and you’re going to get where you want to go regardless if you put in the work.

Maybe you might just need time. Don’t give up on your passions, your goals and all that you want to accomplish just because you have temporarily lost the motivation.

Do you have a different way of how you get back your motivation? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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10 Ways to Get Back Your Motivation    10 Ways to Get back your motivation    10 Ways to Get Back Your Motivation

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1 Comment

  1. Heather McKinley
    November 19, 2022 / 9:11 pm

    That was just what I needed. It was like driving a glass of motivation and felt it from my toes to my head. Thank you.

    I have made so many notes of actions and ideas. Some I can do immediately some I need support with but each one has given me back the drive and motivation I needed.

    I would love to use your goal setting tool as I only try using a to do list but writing goals will drive me even further.

    Thank you so much. To say I have been feeling less than flat is an under statement but now I feel excited as well as determined to do what is needed and how to get there. I have been so lost but tonight I know where to find the map to help me make the journey.

    You are so right about the journey it is much more important than the destination to me now. If I don’t know how to get to where I want to be, how will I ever get there.

    Thank you and look forward to reading anything else you have written. You are amazing!!!

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