Getaway Cabin Review: Is the Getaway Cabin Worth it?

The Getaway Cabin is a tiny house (around 140- 200 sq. ft. depending on the cabin!) situated in rural areas that you can rent. The purpose of the Getaway Cabins is to disconnect and spend time in nature. For my bachelorette party, I stayed in a Getaway Cabin for the first time. In this post, I am going to cover my Getaway Cabin review, as well as what to know before you book including locations, cost, tips, and whether or not Getaway is worth it!

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Getaway Cabin Review

Types of Cabins

There are two types of cabins. You can get a cabin with one bed or two. If you choose a cabin with two beds, there is a bunk situation. The cabins are around the same cost for each. For both cabins, you will get a queen-sized mattress. Both cabins include flushing toilets, a hot shower, and a mini kitchenette. There is AC and heat. This is glamping at its finest!

I found the mattress to be comfortable in the cabin. I also stayed on a top bunk and there was plenty of room for me to sit up without hitting my head. The top bunk is on a platform, so there is room to store your belongings. There is a gap where the window is, so you may find that things can fall down to the lower bunk.

What is included with Getaway?

When you rent a cabin, you will have the location of your cabin sent before your trip. Getaway is set up like a campground where there are many cabins all in the same area. Each cabin is tucked away in a semi-private site. You can, depending on your site, see your neighbors. You can also see the site from the road.

At each site, there is a picnic table, outdoor grill, campfire, and two to four chairs (depending on if you have a single or double-bed cabin).

In the mini kitchenette, there is a two-burner stove, mini fridge, dining ware, silverware, a  can opener, a pour-over kettle, a pot and pan cooking utensils, knives, salt, pepper, and olive oil. It’s all the basics that you might need. There were also a few basics such as coffee and tea that you could use.

During your stay, you will need to bring food, as well as anything else you might need during your stay (clothes, toothbrushes, etc.).

Where are the Cabins Located?

When I stayed in a Getaway cabin, I did Getaway Mount Adams. This is located near Portland, Oregon in Glennwood, WA. A list of the other locations (pulled from the Getaway website) is below.

West Coast

  • Near Los Angeles: Getaway Big Bear is in Running Springs, California.
  • Near Portland: Getaway Mount Adams is in Glenwood, WA.
  • Near Seattle: Getaway Skagit Valley is in Mount Vernon, WA.


  • Near Austin and San Antonio: Getaway Hill Country is in Wimberley, TX.
  • Near Dallas: Getaway Piney Woods is in Larue, TX.
  • Near Houston: Getaway Brazos Valley is in Navasota, TX.


  • Near Chicago: Getaway Barber Creek is in Grand Junction, MI. Getaway Starved Rock is in Ottawa, IL.
  • Near Columbus: Getaway Hocking Hills is in Nelsonville, OH.
  • Near Detroit: Getaway The Thumb is in Columbiaville, MI.
  • Near Indianapolis: Getaway Brown County is in Columbus, IN.
  • Near Kansas City: Getaway Ozark Highlands is in Kansas City, MO.
  • Near Milwaukee: Getaway Wild Rose is in Wild Rose, WI.
  • Near Minneapolis: Getaway Kettle River is in Willow River, MN.
  • Near Pittsburgh and Cleveland: Getaway Beaver Creek is in Lisbon, OH.
  • Near St. Louis: Getaway St. Francois is in Bloomsdale, MO.


  • Near Atlanta: Getaway Chattahoochee is in Suches, GA. Getaway Coosa River is in Childersburg, AL.
  • Near Charlotte and Raleigh: Getaway Asheboro is in Asheboro, NC.
  • Near Greenville: Getaway Lake Hartwell is in Seneca, SC.
  • Near Nashville: Getaway Dale Hollow is in Moss, TN.
  • Near New Orleans: Getaway Homochitto is in Meadville, MS.
  • Near Orlando: Getaway Gilchrist Springs is in High Springs, FL.


  • Near Boston: Getaway Blake Brook is in Epsom, NH. Getaway Machimoodus is in Moodus, CT.
  • Near New York: Getaway Eastern Catskills is in Catskill, NY. Getaway Western Catskills is in Roscoe, NY. Getaway Machimoodus is in Moodus, CT.
  • Near Washington, DC: Getaway Shenandoah North is in Basye, VA. Getaway Shenandoah is in Stanardsville, VA.

How Much do the Cabins Cost?

The cost of the cabins varies by day and season. If you are booking over a weekend, there is a two-night minimum stay when booking more than 60 days out. The cabins start at around $130, but can go up to around $35o per night. If you are looking for a deal, there are frequent sales so you can get up to 25% off your stay. I recommend keeping an eye out for the sales and booking then. You can also choose a pack to stay consecutive nights for a deal.

Other Things to Know for Visiting Getaway Cabin

Cellphone Service

The cabins are designed to “getaway.” That being said, there is not always great reception, or it’s a bit spottier than normal. At the Mount Adams location, I did not have any problem with reception at the site of our cabin. However, some spots were spotty along the way to the cabin. If you are worried about not having cell reception, each cabin has a landline that you can use to call the Getaway team or 911 in case of emergencies. There was also a landline on the property that I noticed while taking a walk that you can use to call the team or 911 as well if you’re out and about.

Another thing to note is that there is no Wi-Fi available at the cabin. There is an optional lockbox at the cabin that you can use for your phone. If you’re tempted by using your phone and are trying to deconnect, you can always use the lockbox if you still have service!


You can bring your pup for an extra fee. If you want to bring your dog you will have to pay a fee of $50. Remember to pick up after your dog. You are also not able to leave your dog during your stay if you plan on making a day trip from the cabin to go on a hike.

Add-ons and Upcharges

There are a few add-ons and packages that you can select during checkout:

  • Late check-out ($45) to check out at 1:30 pm rather than the standard check-out of 11:00 am.
  • Early check-in ($35) to check in at 1:00 pm rather than the standard 3:00 pm.
  • Kids Adventure Kit ($25) to stock the cabin with a nature kit and activities for kids to enjoy.
  • Ready-to-Light campfire ($25) for two bundles of firewood and two fire starters.
  • The Get Closer Kit ($39) which includes conversation cards and a 10-piece truffle box.
  • Provisions Box ($35) which includes two oatmeal cups, two cans of soup, a bag of pasta, a jar of pasta sauce, cookies, and candy so you don’t need to shop beforehand.

Is the Getaway Cabin Worth it?

Now that you know more about the Getaway Cabin, you are probably wondering if it is worth it. Overall the cabin and the grounds were kept clean and neat. The big appeal of the cabins, which are frequented on Instagram, is the large open window right by the bed. The cabins are cute and have everything you really need to have a weekend getaway.

There is one short trail on site, which at the Mount Adams location was fairly overgrown and not usable. The surrounding area, however, was nice and peaceful. Even though I visited during the peak time in summer, there didn’t seem to be too many others staying and it was quiet.

I think that the Getaway Cabin is worth it if you are staying at the cabin the whole time and for at least two nights. It can be quite expensive, especially if you are staying during a weekend in the summer. It wouldn’t be worth the cost if you are not enjoying the cabin and are spending the day out and about. Along the same line, I would recommend spending two days at the cabin to be able to relax and enjoy your time.

Final Thoughts – Getaway Cabin Review

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I hope this Getaway Cabin review helped plan your trip, or decide if you should book! I enjoyed my stay at the cabin and wish I had more time. If you are interested in booking a stay at the cabin, I do have a referral link. You can use my link here to save $25 on your first stay.

If you have stayed at the Getaway cabins and have any thoughts, I would love to hear them! Leave a comment below with what you thought or your Getaway Cabin review.

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